Deer Tail Press is a small publishing house founded in 2006 by the late Roscoe Churchill of Ladysmith, Wisconsin and Laura Gauger of Duluth, Minnesota. Its primary mission is to provide the public, government officials and tribal sovereign nations with fact-based information on Wisconsin’s Flambeau Mine – the economics of the project, legal considerations (including a detailed discussion of various laws enacted to regulate mining in Wisconsin), and most importantly, the environmental track record of the mine.

Why place such a focus on a single (and quite small) copper mine that has come and gone?

Mine proponents in the Great Lakes region and Alaska have drawn heavily on the example of the Flambeau Mine in an effort to convince interested parties that metallic sulfide mining can be done “without polluting local waters.” In effect, the Flambeau Mine has become the industry’s “calling card,” vaulting it into a position of great importance in the ongoing debate over the advisability of developing new metallic sulfide mines in water-rich areas like the Lake Superior, Rainy River and Bristol Bay watersheds.

  • Does the Flambeau Mine live up to all the industry hype about being a model mine?
  • What does the environmental monitoring data from the mine really show?
  • Should the story of what happened at Flambeau allay public fear or raise public concern over the development of new metallic sulfide mines?

It is the mission of Deer Tail Press to provide you with the real story of what happened at Flambeau, so you can answer these questions for yourself.

Laura Gauger (Duluth, MN), January 2016