APRIL 2013 

Deer Tail Press is pleased to announce the availability of a free electronic edition of the 2007 release of The Buzzards Have Landed! – The Real Story of the Flambeau Mine, by Roscoe Churchill and Laura (Furtman) Gauger.

Yes, for all of you who tried to purchase The Buzzards Have Landed! only to learn that Deer Tail Press was sold out of the hard copy edition, here is your chance to add the “definitive story of the Flambeau Mine” to your book collection. It is now available as a free online download. My late co-author and pal, that dapper gentleman from Rusk County, Wisconsin who was not afraid to speak truth to power, would be pleased to make this fact-filled account of the permitting, development, reclamation, environmental performance and economics of Wisconsin’s Flambeau Mine  easily accessible to our friends and all those concerned with protecting our land and clean water from the mining industry’s grasp. So am I.

The hard copy edition of the The Buzzards Have Landed! came with a CD-ROM inside the back cover that included reference documents cited in the book such as technical reports issued by Kennecott Minerals/Rio Tinto, documents drafted by state agencies, environmental monitoring data, financial spreadsheets, legal briefs, scholarly reports written by Evelyn Churchill in the 1980s and 1990s regarding the shortfalls of Wisconsin’s mining laws, correspondence between attorneys, government officials and private citizens, and so much more. The free online edition of The Buzzards Have Landed! contains hyperlinks to all of the same documents.

An additional feature of the electronic edition is that the text is searchable and, if the reader would like to reproduce brief excerpts of the book for educational or review purposes, pages of interest can easily be copied.

Even if you already own the hard copy edition of The Buzzards Have Landed!, you may find the electronic edition a useful addition to your collection due to the search and copy features. One thing is certain:  This popular story of the Flambeau Mine and its legacy of dirty politics and dirty water is as timely now as when first released in 2007.

The Buzzards Have Landed! tells the real story of how a British mining company muscled its way into a small rural community in northern Wisconsin to build a copper, gold and silver mine on the banks of the Flambeau River. Stories of the grassroots resistance movement, protests, arrests, state and local governmental actions, mining company maneuvers and lawsuits abound. The book also includes numerous charts and graphs showing the negligible impact of the mine on the local economy and the serious nature of ongoing pollution problems at the so-called “model mine.” Authors Roscoe Churchill and Laura (Furtman) Gauger combine human interest with hard facts to create a story certain to be of interest to environmentalists, Native American communities, lawmakers, government officials, environmental attorneys and consultants, economists, educators, historians, sociologists … and anyone who enjoys reading a colorful story!

Book information:  The e-Book is available as a free online download. It includes many photos, newspaper clippings, references to Wisconsin’s mining laws, and a detailed 100-page index;  reference documents cited in the text can be accessed via hyperlink.

Authors: Roscoe Churchill and Laura (Furtman) Gauger:

Roscoe and Laura on the back porch of the Churchill farm house (2001).

Roscoe and Laura on the back porch of the Churchill farm house near Ladysmith, WI (2001).

Publisher:  Deer Tail Press, Duluth, MN,  Copyright © 2007/2013

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How to Get Your Copy:  The Buzzards Have Landed! is available as a free online download.  Click here to access:  https://deertailpress.wordpress.com/on-line-access/Thank you!

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