Moran Flambeau Summary Report

Deer Tail Press, Duluth, Minnesota

An important summary of ongoing research revealing new details about water contamination from the Flambeau Mine was released in April 2017:

SUMMARY :  Flambeau Mine : Water Contamination and Selective “Alternative Facts” – Robert E. Moran, Ph.D. /  /  April 11, 2017

Dr. Robert Moran is a Geochemist and Hydrogeologist with 45 years of domestic and international experience with mining and water quality issues in both the public and private sectors. He reviewed Flambeau Mine historical and modern documents in early 2017 and authored a report in which he concluded:

“Flambeau ground and surface water quality is being and has been degraded—despite years of industry public relations statements touting the success of the FMC operation. Rio Tinto said in a 2013 public relations (PR) release regarding the Flambeau Mine: “Testing shows conclusively that ground water quality surrounding the site is as good as it was before mining.” In efforts to encourage development of the other metal-sulfide deposits in northern Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region, the industry approach has been to simply repeat this false statement over and over, assuming that repetition will make it believed. Unfortunately, the FMC data show otherwise.

To access Dr. Moran’s summary report in its entirety, as posted to his website, please click HERE:

For a listing of some of the critical points included in Dr. Moran’s report, please click HERE.